GNOME 3.19.1 released

Javier Jardón recently announced the release of Gnome 3.19.1. This latest release has led to development work beginning on the next GNOME release, GNOME 3.20. Gnome 3.19.1 comes with a number of new features, Various UI improvements and bugfixes since release 3.18.1.


Preview of some changes since v3.18.1

  • Bugfix: Use OAuth2 for Google sources – Evolution-Data-Server
  • Bugfix : Explicitly link required libraries for gnome-calculator and gcalcmd binaries – gnome-calculator
  • Respect text-scaling factor under wayland – gnome-shell
  • Show the Bluetooth submenu when there were setup devices – gnome-shell
  • Fix some theme issues – gnome-shell-extensions


  • New class: GtkSourceTag with a draw-spaces property
  • Drop build dependency on intltool, use upstream gettext and ITS Tool instead
  • Completion windows: don’t add space for scrollbars
  • Do not show undo/redo in context menu if undo/redo is disabled
  • Bracket matching: several bug fixes, unit tests written, code simplified
  • Other small code improvements


  • Fix bugs in contact address lookup
  • No more warnings if address has no street address
  • Do not attempt to classify type of address if only one(1)
  • Use new convenience library for GeoClue
  • Add support for opening and displaying GeoJSON files

See complete change details below:



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