The European Parliament Will Kill The Roaming Charges Starting With 2017

The European parliament has decided to oblige the telecom operators to drop the mobile roaming charges, which are relatively big compared to the regular prices, starting with 2017. After 2017, performing a call, sending a SMS or performing internet activities while abroad, will not be more expansive than it would be if the user was in its main country.

Today, sending SMS messages, performing phone calls (calling or receiving calls) and navigating on the internet via roaming is very expensive, so the users usually prefer to stay on the hotel Wi-Fi while abroad, and use internet services like Skype, Viber or WhatsApp.

The roaming costs will be killed starting with the 15th of June 2017, but the politicians have also voted significant cuts scheduled for April 2016.

According to some studies, 94% of the users don’t use Facebook and Twitter as often as if they were in their country, while 90% of the users don’t check their email boxes as regular. Also, 47% of users turn off the mobile data on roaming.

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