iOS 9.2 with Xcode 7.2 betas released to developers by Apple

The first pre-release iOS 9.2 with Xcode 7.2 was released to developers for testing by Apple last week, alongside new Xcode 7.2 beta. This followed just a week after the public release of iOS 9.1, which saw introduction of new emoji and several fixes under-the-hood.

ios 9.2

iOS 9.2 beta and Xcode 7.2 beta are currently available for immediate download from the Apple Developer Center, and a possible public beta available in the near future.

What to expect on iOS 9.2

According to the release notes the Safari view window that pops up in some apps will now support third-party Action Extensions. Any Action Extension that works in Safari will also work in SFSafariViewController, allowing it to behave more like the traditional Safari app.

ios 9.2 beta

Long tapping on the Reload button in the Safari View Controller in a Safari window within an app will also offer options to reload content without content blockers and request desktop site. These options have long existed in the actual Safari app, but are new to the Safari browser used within apps.

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