Wine 1.7.53 released with improved patch review process

Wine 1.7.53 which was recently released, now comes with support for the various versions of XAudio, more implementation of the Web Services DLL, improved OLE object embedding, various code cleanups in Direct3D, new MAINTAINERS file and Signed-off-by requirement to improve the patch review process and various bug fixes including minecraft.


Wine 1.7.53 changelog

  • dogfood: xchat-2.8.4-1 does not install (quoting between CreateProcessW and wmain)
  • Activeworlds client 4.2 doesn’t think IE is installed
  • Tomb Raider III crashes in msadp32
  • Gamestudio A7 trial sub-installer fails (‘msiexec.exe’ doesn’t handle ‘/passive’ command line option for unattended/basic ui mode)
  • Cortex EDI The Electronic Biller installer window is unresponsive to mouse input
  • Multiple Antivirus software installers fail due to unimplemented Filter Manager FLTMGR.SYS (Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Ad-Aware, Avira Antivir, AVG Free, QQ)
  • Rawdump fails to detect drive(s)
  • Lost Planet 2 Benchmark needs XAudio2 ‘{3eda9b49-2085-498b-9bb2-39a6778493de}’ XAudio2_6.dll
  • Multiple games need XAudio2 ‘{4c9b6dde-6809-46e6-a278-9b6a97588670}’ XAudio2_5.dll (C4 engine)
  • Many DirectX10+ games need IDXGIAdapter::CheckInterfaceSupport method implementation
  • ntdll/env tests show a couple uninitialized value warnings in valgrind
  • Woody Two Legs demo menu items are unreadable
  • Multiple games need XAudio2 ‘{03219e78-5bc3-44d1-b92e-f63d89cc6526}’ XAudio2_4.dll (Avatar demo, C4 demo, Iconoclasts)
  • Variance Shadow Maps Demo needs unimplemented function d3dx10_43.dll.D3DX10CreateEffectFromMemory
  • Picasa 3.8 crashes due to IWiaDevMgr->EnumDeviceInfo stub
  • Wininet custom headers
  • Cypress PSoC Designer installer crashes with Wine-Mono
  • and many more

Install Wine 1.7.53 on Ubuntu OS

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/unstable

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine1.7

Install Wine 1.7.53 from source code


cd wine-1.7.52

sudo apt-get install flex bison

./configure --without-x --without-freetype


make install

Remove Wine Completely

sudo apt-get remove wine

rm -rf $HOME/.wine

rm -f $HOME/.config/menus/applications-merged/wine*

rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/applications/wine

rm -f $HOME/.local/share/desktop-directories/wine*

rm -f $HOME/.local/share/icons/????_*.xpm
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