OBS Multiplatform 0.12.0 Open Broadcaster Software released

OBS Multiplatform 0.12.0 recently released, is a complete rewrite of the original OBS from the ground up, with the main goals of course being multiplatform support, a more thorough feature set, and a much more powerful API. Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

OBS MultiPlatform

OBS Multiplatform 0.12.0 changelog

General Changes:

  • Added pre-configured recording quality presets to simple output mode for easy recording-specific configuration
  • Added stream delay feature (in advanced settings). If spontaneously disconnected during a delayed stream, it will preserve the point of disconnection (optional, on by default), and start off where it left off at the cost of increasing delay until reconnected.
  • Added automatic data file backup as well as methods to prevent user data file corruption due to things such as program crash, system crash, or otherwise
  • Added the ability to duplicate a scene (added to the right-click context menu)
  • Added the ability to update services and servers on the fly remotely (this way we can keep services up to date for all users immediately)
  • Added support for Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k to the blackmagic source
  • Added a profiler to the back-end to help to help determine potential system bottlenecks
  • Changed the FFmpeg output in advanced output mode to allow the use of generated filenames rather than overwriting the same file over and over again
  • Improved CoreAudio AAC encoder logging
  • Fixed a bug with the properties window where the window would always start off at the smallest size
  • Fixed a bug with the media source where streams and certain files would not play audio
  • Fixed a bug where adding certain audio sync offsets could cause the program to crash

Linux specific changes:

  • Window capture (xcomposite) will now automatically try to reacquire the window it was set to capture but may have been closed by the user

See release notes for full details

Install OBS Multiplatform 0.12.0 on Ubuntu OS

Install FFMPeg

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kirillshkrogalev/ffmpeg-next

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

Install OBS Multiplatform Package

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install obs-studio
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