Install Opera Developer 33.0.1982.0 on Ubuntu OS

Opera Developer 33.0.1982.0 recently released, fixes a very annoying issue with opening links from external pages. The cancel button in download popup has also be implemented. You can also test autoupdate notification (visible in Opera menu on Windows and as a notification dialog on Mac). There is also improved stability, including fixes to a lot of bugs.
Chromium is upgraded to version 46.0.2486.0.

opera browser 01

Known Issue: Flash plugin is not detectable on Mac and Linux – this has been fixed in the next developer release.

Opera Developer 33.0.1982.0 changelog

  • Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
  • Check box and radio button togglable with ENTER
  • patch support with unit tests
  • Handle streams with non-square pixel aspect ratio
  • data: pages have no domain in the badge
  • Provide a single gyp flag to disable all signature checks
  • Every odd “Add a Site” dialog is opening without animation
  • Implement EV CT certificates whitelists
  • Opening new tab while editing name of bookmarks blocks mouse interaction
  • Use bookmark extension API instead of our own WebUI API on the start page
  • Add information about certificate transparency to badge
  • Address bar suggestions presented by extensions should not sorted
  • turbo test failing after CHR-969 Turbo 2: next generation turbo
  • Opening opera:history after history import fetches around 200 pages
  • Enable native ui notifications in developer stream
  • File selector for Theme Creator exits abruptly making it unusable
  • Prefs served from AU are not signed
  • Right clicking on browser action does not give option of inspecting popup
  • Downloads bundle complete functionality
  • Improving accessibility for StandardNotificationView
  • Enable cancel download button on developer
  • See full changelog for more

Install Opera Developer 33.0.1982.0 on Ubuntu OS

sudo apt-get install gdebi


sudo gdebi opera-developer_33.0.1982.0_i386.deb
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