Apache Traffic Server 5.3.2 released

Apache Traffic Server 5.3.2 recently released is a fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server. Formerly a commercial product, Yahoo! donated it to the Apache Foundation, and it is now an Apache TLP.

apache traffic server

Apache Traffic Server 5.3.2 changelog

  • Errors in the huffman tree for HTTP/2.
  • Error in Huffman decoder for HPACK.
  • Fix crash in OpenDir::close_write from unlocked mutex.
  • Mutex leak for TLS connections going to the origin.
  • Avoid reenabling the txn before we release the mbuf.
  • Changes sizeof() to not use non-static member variables.
  • Initialize memory if buffer is large enough.
  • Use snprintf() instead of sprintf() in UrlPrintHack.
  • ASAN triggers when using the escalate.so plugin.
  • Crashes due to race condition on server sessions moving between threads.
  • SNI Callbacks stall after TS-3667 fix.
  • Crashes in traffic_cop on shutdown / restart.
  • Fix ASAN build support.
  • Fix #include of pcre for a couple of plugins.
  • epic plugin does not compile on OmniOS.
  • Revert “TS-3237: Don’t segregate DNS results by port.”
  • Add a bound to read_while_writer retries with a config setting.
  • Resolve undefined reference to symbol MD5_Final.
  • Server session sharing configuration not working.
  • Track source of configuration values.
  • Download Apache Traffic Server

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