Android Studio 1.4 Beta 4 now available

Android Studio 1.4 Beta 4 recently released, is an Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA and similar to Eclipse with the ADT Plugin. Android Studio provides integrated Android developer tools for development and debugging.


This build fixes a small number of bugs relative to Beta 3:

  • Fix icon-size scaling when using high-density displays
  • Relax the “spaces in path” error validation to be limited to NDK projects (where the command line tools still have some problems with spaces)
  • A few tweaks to the templates, including a fix to allow creating a new project without activities
  • Installation

  • If you are already using a 1.4 Preview/Beta build, you can use the builtin Update mechanism to upgrade directly to 1.4 Beta 4.
  • If you are using 1.3.1, you can also update via a patch, but, you may not want to do that; patch-updating to this new version will replace your existing stable installation with a preview version.
  • Instead, you can download a separate installation of 1.4 from the Android Studio 1.4 Beta page. You can keep 1.3.2 and 1.4 Beta 4 installed side by side; they use separate settings and cache directories.
  • Problems

    If you run into problems, be sure to check the Known Issues page which we’ll update as necessary.

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