Ultimate Edition 4.6 Gamers Published

Ultimate Edition 4.6 Gamers recently released by “TheeMahn”, the developer of the Ubuntu-based Ultimate Edition distribution, is the latest special “Gamers” edition of the product. This edition comes as 4GB live DVD with great collection of games, as well as the XBMC (now called Kodi) media centre software, PlayOnLinux and the Steam client.

Ultimate Edition Gammers

It is the ultimate entertainment system. It has a list of games that just scrolls by on the screen even on a 4K monitor, it does not stop there XBMC has been pre-injected & pre-setup into the system with over a million channels / streams to cut the cable TV bill on 69 networks, and the ability to add more.

According to the developer, “I want to break down this for the gamers, I can play more games in this O/S then any Windows based O/S can, after all there is no Linux emulator for Windows (please feel free to chime in). Do all Windows games just play? No, but many just do, without having to set wine up for the game & then 90% or better do. All of this will be coming your way at a cost of $0, what do you have to lose?

Download Ultimate-edition-4.6-x64-gamers.iso

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