Unity 5.2 Game Development Tool released

Unity 5.2 recently released, is a flexible and powerful development platform for creating multiplatform 3D and 2D games and interactive experiences. It’s a complete ecosystem for anyone who aims to build a business on creating high-end content and connecting to their most loyal and enthusiastic players and customers.


Unity 5.2 Changelog

New Features

  • 2D: Ability to rotate sprites while Sprite Packing to save atlas space
  • Android: Experimental support for IL2CPP scripting backend
  • Android: Audio – Enable OpenSL fast path for devices that support FEATURE_AUDIO_LOW_LATENCY
  • Android: ETC1 Compression for Sprite Atlases. The texture is split into two RGB parts (second part containing alpha information as a grayscale) and combined in the shader. The option can be set on a per texture level, which affects the final atlas the texture lands in
  • Audio: Ability to set custom rolloff curves for an AudioSource at runtime via script. The following curves will be able to be set at runtime: Volume Rolloff, Spatial Blend (2D / 3D), Reverb Zone Mix, Spread, LowPass Filter Cutoff Frequency
  • Audio: Spatialization API for audio plugins
  • Cloud Services: Access control list support
  • Core: Application.UnloadLevel. Unloading scenes is now possible while the game is running. References to lightmaps are cleared but you have to call Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() to actually unload them. Enlighten data is unloaded immediately. This feature is especially useful in conjunction with Lightmapping.BakeMultipleLevels()
  • Graphics: Added CullingGroup API, which allows you to specify a large set of bounding spheres that are integrated into the culling pipeline and subjected to frustum and occlusion culling
  • raphics: Added option in player settings for configurable vertex compression. Default values: position and UV1 is uncompressed, the rest of the channels are compressed


2D Improvements

  • Allow sprites to be dragged into scene view in 3d mode. Add temp GO while dragging for visual feedback similar to when dragging prefabs/model into scene view
  • Frame selected command (F) now works in the sprite editor window for the selected sprite rect
  • Implement undo functionality for sprite editor window’s slice menu
  • New grid slicing method that uses column and row count
  • Pivot snapping on sprite frame rect in sprite editor window only happens when Ctrl is pressed while mouse dragging the pivot handle
  • Provide a custom pivot field in the slicing menu for the sprite editor window
  • Zooming on sprite editor window’s texture will zoom towards mouse cursor

Editor Improvement

  • Added RunOpenPanelWithFilters API
  • Better error message when “The classes in the module cannot be loaded” is thrown
  • Improved Compute Shader inspector; now lists errors & warnings similar to regular shader inspector
  • Improved Export Package window (now uses a proper tree view)
  • Improved shader inspector performance when there are many errors shown
  • Make sure ObjectField and Object Selector shows icons for game objects and prefabs
  • More “create new shader” templates under assets create menu (PBS surface shader, unlit shader, image effect shader)
  • Selection.selectionChange callback triggered when selection changes
  • Show proper cubemap preview instead of icon in large preview ObjectField
  • When in 2D mode, the camera bounds for the main camera is always visible when it is in orthographic mode
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