Vuze 5.6.2 Bittorrent Client released

Vuze 5.6.2 recently released, is an end-to-end bittorrent downloader, maintaining a lightweight footprint, doesn’t slow your computer down, and quickly downloads torrents. Vuze Bittorrent Client 5.4 officially released this week comes with some updates, including added new features and enhanced user desktop client experience.

vuze bittorent client

Vuze 5.6.2 changelog

New Features

  • New Privacy View
  • Added Privacy button to open-torrent-options dialog to
  • set the download to be added in a stopped state with no networks enabled
  • Chats can now be added to the sidebar
  • Detection of outstanding messages for your nick
  • Remember minimized state of pop-out windows
  • New ‘done with dnd files’ column [TuxPaper]
  • Ctrl+F4 now closes sidebar entries (in line with classic UI)
  • ‘Internal browser disabled’ display now includes button to re-enable it
  • Added indicator to sidebar entry for ‘in progress’ transcodes
  • Core | PS4 detection
  • Plug | New ‘PIA’ plugin to automate configuration of VPN –


  • UI | Column setup window now shows non-renamed column titles
  • UI | Prevent multiple pop-out chats for same chat
  • UI | Double-click actions added for transfer/mini-bars
  • UI | Improve performance of sidebar view switching
  • UI | Sidebar entries with sub-views now distinguished
  • UI | Unknown ETA values now sorted to bottom
  • Core | Deal with completeness of downloads with ‘do not download’ files more consistently
  • Core | Disconnect all peers on a network change
  • Core | Improve performance of network decode
  • Core | Create less closedown threads to improve performance
  • Core | Increase maximum supported torrent size
  • Core | Multiple copies of Vuze sharing the same configuration data will now refuse to start
  • Core | Improved handling of use of the Vuze control port by another application


  • UI | Renamed columns were not being displayed correctly on initial show
  • UI | Fix category buttons not being uipdates on add/delete
  • UI | Fix toolbar stop/start icon state display
  • UI | Fix start/stop toolbar icon now enabling for devices views
  • UI | Fix status area not drawing occasionally after restoring Vuze from tray
  • UI | Fix completion % not 100% when all files are do-not-download
  • UI | Fix rare cases where partially complete torrents reported 0% (UI only, core still knew of the complete data)
  • UI | Fixed some GTK3 issues in UI
  • UI | Fixed dragging file from Files View to MediaPlayer Classic and other apps (VLC already worked)

Install Vuze 5.6.2 on Ubuntu OS


tar -xjvf VuzeInstaller.tar.bz2

sudo rm -rf /opt/vuze*

sudo mv vuze /opt/vuze

sudo ln -sf /opt/vuze/vuze /usr/bin/vuze
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