Fedora 23 Alpha released

Fedora 23 Alpha has just been released and this release contains all the exciting features of Fedora 23’s editions. Fedora 23 includes a number of changes that will improve all of the editions. For example, Fedora 23 is making use of compiler flags to help improve security by “hardening” the binaries against memory corruption vulnerabilities, buffer overflows, and so on. This is a “behind the scenes” change that most users won’t notice through normal use of a Fedora edition, but should help provide additional system security.

fedora 23 cinnamon

  • Fedora 23 has disabled SSL3 and RC4 by default due to known vulnerabilities in the protocols. This means all applications that use GNUTLS and OpenSSL libraries have had the SSL3 protocol and RC4 cipher disabled.
  • Fedora 23 Alpha also includes support for Unicode 8.0, which includes new emojis, and improvements in sorting Unicode text and processing non-ASCII URLs.

Other Notable Changes in the Alpha

  • While there’s a lot going on under the hood, desktop users are also going to find Fedora 23 Alpha pretty exciting for all the obvious goodness coming to the desktop. The easiest way to experience the preview of these technologies is to download and try the Fedora 23 Alpha Workstation edition.
  • Naturally, GNOME is getting an upgrade, with Fedora 23 containing a preview of the upcoming GNOME 3.18 release, which is easier to use than ever. There are also many enhancements on the  way, such as improvements to Wayland toward making it the default graphical server in a future release; support for ambient backlight drivers for a more responsive display on laptops; and changes to the Software application so it can update system firmware, and be smarter about metered Internet connections.
  • Users that are trying to get a little work done on Fedora will be happy to see LibreOffice 5 in Fedora 23, which includes a lot of new features and improvements: style previews in the sidebar, Word-compatible text highlighting, built-in image crop, UI for data bars in Calc, support for Time-Stamp Protocol in PDF export, support for Adobe Swatch Exchange color palettes, import of Apple Pages files, improved support for HiDPI screens, and significantly improved support for MS Office formats.


  • Fedora “spins” are desktops or package sets for Fedora that provide a different experience than the standard Fedora Workstation edition. For instance, the Fedora KDE and Fedora Xfce spins provide popular alternatives to GNOME for Fedora users who enjoy the KDE or Xfce experience.
  • There’s a new spin in town for Fedora 23. Want a classic take on a modern desktop? If so, the Cinnamon spin may just be what you’re hoping to find. Fedora 23 includes a spin that tries to emulate the GNOME 2 experience using GNOME 3 shell.
  • Download Fedora 23 Live Workstation

    Download Fedora 23 Server

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