Android Studio 1.3 released

Android Studio 1.3 was recently released to the stable release channel. Android Studio 1.3 is the biggest feature release for the year so far, which includes a new memory profiler, improved testing support, and full editing and debugging support for C++.


New Features in Android Studio 1.3

Performance & Testing Tools

  • Android Memory (HPROF) ViewerAndroid Studio now allows you to capture and analyze memory snapshots in the native Android HPROF format.
  • Allocation Tracker: In addition to displaying a table of memory allocations that your app uses, the updated allocation tracker now includes a visual way to view the your app allocations.
  • APK Tests in Modules: For more flexibility in app testing, you now have the option to place your code tests in a separate module and use the new test plugin (‘’) instead of keeping your tests right next to your app code. This feature does require your app project to use the Gradle Plugin 1.3.
See release notes for more features and updates
Download Android Studio 1.3
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