Linux Lite 2.6 Beta released with Systemback

Linux Lite 2.6 Beta – Linux Lite Control Center which was recently released, aims to provide one central location for everything that you needed to configure your computer. This release also includes “Systemback”, a versatile tool that makes it easy to create backups of the system and the users configuration files. Linux Lite is now deployed across large networks and systems, Systemback allows the creation of a custom version of Linux Lite that can then be deployed to multiple machines in a given scenario.

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As usual you still get the latest Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Wine (via Lite Software) and Gimp.

Linux Lite 2.6 Beta Changelog:

  • Firefox 39.0
  • LibreOffice 5.0
  • Base: 14.04.3
  • New Wallpapers.
  • New Lite Welcome.
  • New root terminal theme.
  • Updated Help Manual.
  • Added Linux Lite Control Center – provides one central location for everything you need to configure your computer.
  • Added Systemback – system back up and OS creation tool.
  • Added Disks – easy to use partition, hard drive and SSD configurator.
  • Added Crtl+Alt+Del – brings up logout/restart/shutdown dialogue.
  • Added VLC Browser Plugin.
  • Added Dark theme – Zukitwo Dark Reloaded.
  • Latest WhiskerMenu.
  • Features:

    The Linux Lite Control Center: This was built as one central central location for everything that you needed to configure your computer. Lite Control Center was built much like a web page, Lite Control Center has a menu on the left as categories, and within those categories buttons that launch whichever application you are wanting to use. Lite Control Center is currently considered beta and would be part of Linux Lite 2.6 Final release. Lite Control Center can be found on the taskbar next to the terminal icon.

    Menu Location – Menu, Settings, Lite Control Center.

    Systemback – During the 2.6 development cycle, the community was asked which system restore tool they favoured the most and why. Based on feedback on social media and the Forums, the community chose Systemback to be included in Linux Lite 2.6. Systemback is extremely versatile. You can easily restore the previous state of your computer, perform system copying, system installation and Live system creation. This is especially useful for those wanting to deploy their custom version of Linux Lite across multiple machines, something the community has been asking for.

    Menu Location – Menu, System, Systemback.

    New Dark Theme – To apply, go to Menu, Settings, Appearance. Select Zukitwo Dark Reloaded. Then go to Menu, Settings, Window Manager. Select Zukitwo Dark Reloaded. Log out/in to apply the new theme.



    Download 32bit from here – Linux Lite 2.6 Beta 32bit

    md5sum: c13a7a118c90c74f98a0f16db2b166ed

    Size: 778mb (DVD, USB)

    Download 64bit from here – Linux Lite 2.6 Beta 64bit

    md5sum: c23b93639aa3763a335ac6aef4867903

    Size: 777mb (DVD, USB)

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