Make Opera your default Windows 10 browser

Following the release of Windows 10, which comes with new features and an improved user interface looks and feel, Windows 10 also comes with some settings that can be a bit confusing and tricky to change, such as your default apps. When it comes to changing your default browser, there are several ways you can do this on Windows 10.

opera windows 10

How to set your default browser on Windows 10 from the Start menu:

  • Click on the Start menu > Settings > System
  • At the bottom from the left-hand side of the screen > Click Default apps
  • Scroll down to Web browser > click Microsoft Edge
  • Click on Opera Internet Browser
  • And that is it
Video demonstration by Opera
[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

How to set your default browser on Windows 10 from Opera settings:

  • Ensure Opera is installed
  • Launch the browser > Open your Settings > click Browser
  • Click “Make Opera my default browser under Default Browser”

opera 31 img2

  • Windows 10 will then display a pop-up window describing additional steps to change the browser in their system settings
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