Opera beta 31.0.1889.98 update released

Opera beta 31.0.1889.98 which is the current update released, is an open source graphical Web browser developed by Opera Software and available on several platforms. The latest versions of Opera use the Blink layout engine. The most valuable feature is the ability to resume any download.

opera browser 01

Opera beta 31.0.1889.98 changelog

  • DNA-39999 Crash in >content::NavigationControllerImpl::DiscardNonCommittedEntries ☣
  • DNA-40154 [Win] Black border around address dropdown when connecting with remote desktop ☣
  • DNA-41298 Page http://psaudio.com/ has a redirect loop ☣
  • DNA-41446 [Engine] Enable playing of QuickTime (.mov) videos
  • DNA-41553 Duplication logger uses wrong log path in release builds ☣
  • DNA-41646 [Engine] Recently closed are not generated when Open the start page is set ☣
  • DNA-41704 Update prebuilt ICU data for Opera specific locales on desktop-stable-44-1889
  • DNA-41712 Crash in opera::SidebarActionsContainer::Update
  • DNA-41797 [Mac] OS X version incorrectly given to Auto Update

Install Opera beta 31.0.1889.98 on Ubuntu OS

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin gdebi

wget http://deb.opera.com/opera/pool/non-free/o/opera-stable/opera-stable_31.0.1889.99_amd64.deb -O opera-stable_amd64.deb

sudo gdebi opera-stable_amd64.deb
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