RedisDesktopManager 0.8.0 RC1 released

RedisDesktopManager 0.8.0 RC1 recently released, is a cross-platform open source Redis DB management tool (i.e. Admin GUI). Redis Desktop Manager developed to replace hundreds of slow and ugly tools for redis.

redis desktop manager

RedisDesktopManager 0.8.0 RC1 changelog:

New features:

  • Migrate from XML to JSON config connections.xml -> connections.json (Import from XML still works, but deprecated)
  • Automatic gzip decompression/recompression of values
  • Key filtering (back-ported from 0.7.6 and moved to database context menu)


  • Memory usage in connection tree was reduced up to -40%
  • Improved error handling in value editor


  • Fix problems with unicode in connections tree
  • Fixed multiple issues in value editor
  • Fixed multiple problems in console module
  • Fixed crashes in connection tree and value editor
  • Fixed issues with OSX bundle and Windows installer


  • MBredis-desktop-manager-0.8.0-2535.dmg
  • MBredis-desktop-manager-
  • MBredis-desktop-manager_0.8.0-12_amd64.deb
  • Source code (zip)
  • Source code (tar.gz)
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