total.js 1.9.0 – Node.js MVC framework released

Total.js 1.9.0 recently released, is an awesome web application orientated framework for node.js and io.js. Total.js 1.9.0 is a free web application framework for building Web sites and Web applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Node.js (MVC) web application framework.


Total.js 1.9.0 changelog:


  • (IMPORTANT) new flag `mobile` (mobile routing), you can create a route to mobile device
  • (IMPORTANT) new flag `delay` for long time operations (it removes timeout)
  • CSS variables likes sass, example: `$color: red;`
  • CSS nesting
  • modificators for dynamic modification before compilation: views, styles and scripts
  • TransformBuilder
  • F.load(debug, load_types, [path]);
  • F.isWorker (is true when is called F.load())
  • F.isCluster (is true when the framework is running in the cluster)
  • F.logmail(address, [subject], body, [callback]) –> send e-mail message as plain text
  • Array.unique([property]) by Andrea Sessa
  • Array.pair(array, property, fn(itemA, itemB), [remove]) – pair arrays
  • String.base64ToBuffer();
  • terminal -> `tpm unpack [package_name] [optional: target_directory]`
  • versions is applied to raw HTML
  • versions supports auto-mapping
  • F.snapshot(url, filename, [callback]);
  • CLEANUP(stream, [callback]) – clean up readable streams
  • configs directory
  • F.behaviour(url, flags);
  • behaviour: disable-measuring (default: false)
  • behaviour: disable-middleware (default: false)


  • HTML compressor
  • favicon `(removed rel=”icon”)`
  • binary `tpm create [package] [directory]` (added argument [package], [directory])
  • better handling middleware errors and added prevention of “memory leak”
  • (IMPORTANT): Websocket ping is set to 3 minutes
  • framework responds for bad requests with HTTP 403
  • Mail (added support for Office365)
  • Date.prototype.add() supports e.g. Date.prototype.add(’25 days’)
  • String.prototype.params() -> supports double “{{“

removed: XSS check


  • `controller.binary(buffer, contentType, [download], [headers])`
  • routing `DELETE`
  • `binary` (creating empty-project, bad record with smtp options)
  • calling generator action
  • `binary –translate` (filenames)
  • SchemaBuilderEntity prepare (problem with nullable Boolean)
  • (IMPORTANT) 431 system route
  • F.log(), F.logger() –> problem with objects, reported by Nikita Shmidt
  • Number formatting (problem with negative numbers)


  • performance +15%
  • code optimalization
  • Date.prototype.format()
  • String.prototype.format()
  • Number.prototype.pluralize()
  • view debugging

For complete list, see changelog documentation

See – How to install total.js

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