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Tor is the second alpha release in the Tor 0.2.7 series, and comes with a number of new features, including a way to manually pick the number of introduction points for hidden services, and the much stronger Ed25519 signing key algorithm for regular Tor relays (including support for encrypted offline identity keys in the new algorithm). Support for Ed25519 on relays is currently limited to signing router descriptors; later alphas in this series will extend Ed25519 key support to more parts of the Tor protocol.


Tor changelog

  • Major features
    • All relays now maintain a stronger identity key, using the Ed25519 elliptic curve signature format. This master key is designed so that it can be kept offline. Relays also generate an online signing key, and a set of other Ed25519 keys and certificates. These are all automatically regenerated and rotated as needed.
    • Directory authorities now vote on Ed25519 identity keys along with RSA1024 keys.
    • Directory authorities track which Ed25519 identity keys have been used with which RSA1024 identity keys, and do not allow them to vary freely.
    • Microdescriptors now include Ed25519 identity keys.
    • Add support for offline encrypted Ed25519 master keys. To use this feature on your tor relay, run “tor –keygen” to make a new master key (or to make a new signing key if you already have a master key).
  • Major features
    • Add the torrc option HiddenServiceNumIntroductionPoints, to specify a fixed number of introduction points. Its maximum value is 10 and default is 3. Using this option can increase a hidden service’s reliability under load, at the cost of making it more visible that the hidden service is facing extra load.
    • Remove the adaptive algorithm for choosing the number of introduction points, which used to change the number of introduction points (poorly) depending on the number of connections the HS sees.
  • See release note for full changelog

Install Tor on Ubuntu OS


tar -xvf tor-


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