Synfig Studio 1.0.1 Open Source 2D animation software released

Synfig Studio 1.0.1 recently released, is a free and open-source 2D animation software, designed as powerful industrial-strength solution for creating film-quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork. It eliminates the need to create animation frame-by frame, allowing you to produce 2D animation of a higher quality with fewer people and resources. Synfig Studio is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio 1.0.1 changelog

  • Switching bone parent now works correctly.
  • Fix reading alpha for images with indexed palette
  • Handles now highlighted interactively during bouding box selection.
  • Updated icons for “New”, “Open”, “Save/As/All” and “Undo/Redo”.
  • Keyframes widget: Double click opens keyframe properties dialog box.
  • Keyframe properties dialog: Show keyframe description and active status.
  • Fix crash if no fonts installed in the system.
  • Some compilation-related issues fixed.

Install Synfig Studio 1.0.1 on Ubuntu OS

32bit OS

sudo apt-get install gdebi


sudo gdebi synfigstudio_1.0.1-20150720_i386.deb

64bit OS

sudo apt-get install gdebi


sudo gdebi synfigstudio_1.0.1-20150720_amd64.deb
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