Chrome 45 beta updates released with new ES2015 feature

The newest Chrome 45 beta recently released includes new JavaScript language features, an improved audio experience on Android, and a large number of minor API improvements and deprecations. Chrome 45 beta comes with lots of new features including New ES2015 features, improvements to Service Worker, Media Controls, Changes to Push, additions to Touch API and much much more.

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Chrome 45 beta changelog

Service worker improvements: Chrome 40 introduced support for service workers, enabling developers to build high performance sites that work offline. This release includes a number of improvements:

  • Developers are now able to measure their service worker’s performance using the User Timing and Resource Timing APIs.
  • Service workers used exclusively to send push notifications are now kept up-to-date correctly and developers can also use the new update method to manually trigger an update check.
  • Sites can now use getRegistrations() to access all the service workers whose scope matches the current page.

Other updates in this release

  • Sites can now customize the vibration triggered when showing a notification on Android.
  • Chrome’s implementation of the Push API has undergone several minor breaking changes to keep up to date with the evolving specification.
  • Sites using promoted add to home screen can now programmatically control the timing of the banner.
  • The rotationAngle attribute of Touch objects is no longer prefixed, making it easier for sites to understand the geometry of the user’s touch with cross-browser code.
  • To improve scroll performance on pages with heavy mouse handlers or :hover styles, Chrome no longer sends mouse position updates when the user is scrolling with a trackpad or scrollwheel.
  • Chrome now immediately prefetches all HTML imports referenced by a page instead of waiting for scripts included higher in the document to finish executing, improving performance.
  • Sites can now include 3rd-party resources on their site with reduced security risk by using a hash to ensure the integrity of 3rd-parties resources.
  • To reduce the risk of certain types of attack, the ‘self’ source defined by Content Security Policy now excludes blob and filesystem URLs.
  • The logjam attack is fixed in this release by deprecating the use of keys smaller than 1024 bits in Diffie-Hellman key exchanges, which may require developers to update their server’s TLS configuration.
  • To improve cross-browser compatibility and specification compliance, CSSUnknownRule and CSSKeyframesRule.insertRule() are now deprecated with the latter now replaced by CSSKeyframesRule.appendRule().
  • Sites using SMIL will now trigger deprecation warnings in the console, encouraging them to migrate to CSS Animations and Web Animations.
  • This release deprecates both multiple shadow roots and shadow-piercing deep selectors following a unanimous decision by browser vendors at the Web Components April 2015 meeting.
  • The MediaStream attributes label and ended are now deprecated in favor of id and active, while the stop() method is deprecated in favor of MediaStreamTrack.stop().

Install Chrome 45 beta on Ubuntu OS

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list'

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install google-chrome-beta
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