How to use/install bot on Android phone

Agario or is the latest hit online game in the world now and its a must play game. The game play is for you to try to become the biggest cell or circle of them all. Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger. In this tutorial I will be showing how to use/install the agario / bot on an android phone 1

– On your android phone > install Dolphin Browser

Agario Android 1

– Install Tampermonkey Dolphin app

Agario Android 2

– Open the installed Dolphin browser > Access my website “” > click on the install instruction > scroll down to where “loader.user.js” link is and click on it

Agario Android 3

– Next when the loader.user.js file is loaded > scroll down to the end of the file > click on Desktop version

Agario Android 5

– Now the Raw button appears > so click on it

Agario Android 6

– Wait for Tampermonkey to load > click install

Agario Android 7

– Next click the link below access game page

Agario Android 8

– Immediately page is about to load > Quickly click on the puzzle icon and click Desktop to switch to the desktop mode – If you are not fast, it will launch Google Play to install teh mobile version

Agario Android 10 Agario Android 9 Agario Android 4


Try and close as many running processing as possible for this to run smoothly on your phone.

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