Future of Linux without Linus Torvalds

For some of you who may not have known, Linus Torvalds has been the face and architect behind the worlds most popular open source OS Linux for many years. One question that pondered my mind is “What will happen to Linux when Linus departs the world”? Well Linus himself thinks that Linux would survive just fine without him, and that may come as a welcoming news for Linux lovers.


Some comments and reactions from some Linux redditors to the article “The Creator of Linux on the Future Without Him“:

Pizzaiolo: “For some reason I think Stallman will be a bigger loss to the free software movement than Torvalds will be for kernel development :(“

Knaekce: “Linus could get run over by a bus. The Linux Foundation should at least have a plan how to continue without him, such a huge project as the Linux kernel should not depend that much on a single person.”

Buffalox: “Linus has made a point of making himself replaceable, and there are several Kernel devs that can take over after him when needed. That’s according to Linus himself, I suppose it’s seen as kind of an engineering problem of development and structure, something Linus would probably have a hard time leaving unsolved for long.

Stallman on the other hand, is a visionary and ideologist, he created the foundation that made Linux possible, both programming a large part of the tools required for a good OS, but he was also the mastermind of the GPL license which he created to ensure that free software would stay free and be allowed to prosper without risk of being hijacked by anyone with ulterior motives, the most successful license of its kind, both in terms of popularity, but also in terms of achieving what it was designed for.

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So what do you think will happen to LINUX?

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