Porteus KIOSK 3.4.0 Linux OS released

Porteus Kiosk 3.4.0 Linux OS recently released, makes securing your public access computer easier than you think. You no longer have to be a technical guru to customize, lock down and install your own kiosk. No need to worry about viruses, malware or users installing unwanted software.

Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.18.14 and supports much wider range of the hardware including x86 compatible tablets and embedded/industrial devices. Default ISO size has been reduced to 36 MB as the browser component is not present in it and must be not downloaded from the network during installation.

Porteus KIOSK

Here is a short overview of the most notable features introduced in this release:

  • Added initial support for Google Chrome as an alternative browser to Mozilla Firefox. Please mind that supported features vary between the browsers.
  • Updated UEFI component to support PCs equipped with 32bit EFI firmware.
  • Kiosk Wizard offers a possibility of loading and saving the kiosk config on removable devices.
  • Kiosk ISO can be saved on removable device rather than uploaded to the online storage in case when generated ISO is meant to run on a different PC.
  • System will discover and scale smaller screen automatically in case when second monitor is connected and there is a mismatch in resolution between internal/external video outputs.
  • Optical media formatted with ISO9660 and UDF filesystems are automounted when ‘removable devices’ support is enabled.
  • Allowed powering off the PC by pressing the power button if ‘shutdown menu’ feature is not enabled in the wizard. If user has a physical access to the PC case then can force kiosk shutdown by holding the button for 5 secs. Its better to power off the machine gently.
  • Disabled ‘search for text when i start typing’ in Firefox preferences so kiosk can work with bar code scanners out of the box.
  • Switched to ‘ripples’ screensaver which looks nicer and does not leave any distortions on the screen when running for longer periods.
  • Custom resolution is set on all active displays and not just the first one.
  • Many other bugfixes and improvements.

Porteus Kioks 3.4.0 changelog

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  <a href="http://porteus-kiosk.org/download.html" target="_blank">Download Porteus Kiosk ISOs</a>
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