Fedora 22 Officially Released – Now offers Vagrant Boxes

Fedora team have just announced the official release of Fedora 22, the community-driven and community-built operating system now available in Cloud, Server, and Workstation editions. Fedora 22 marks the second release and this comes with GCC 5.1 as the primary compiler suite.

fedora 22

Fedora 22 Highlights:

Fedora 22 Cloud:

  • Updated Docker Images – The Fedora 22 release includes updated Docker images that you can use as the base of your containerized applications.
  • Vagrant Boxes – With Fedora 22 release Vagrant Boxes for libvirt and VirtualBox is now offered, so developers on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows can spin up Fedora-based development environments with ease.
  • Atomic Improvements – Fedora 22 Atomic Host includes a number of interesting improvements, including the Atomic command, updated Docker, Kubernetes, Flannel, and rpm-ostree packages.
  • Dockerfiles – Fedora 22 also includes a fedora-dockerfiles package (and up-to-date git repository) for building applications with the base Fedora 22 Dockerfile and additional packages.

Fedora Workstation:

  • Better notifications –  With work done in GNOME 3.16 and other projects like the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT), notifications keep you better informed, but interfere less with your work. They now appear anchored to the center of the top bar, and no longer cover up the bottom of the screen where you are often reading a terminal or browser.
  • Refined themes – The GNOME Shell and other themes and design are refined and improved. Now you can more easily identify information on the screen, adjust window size and placement, and navigate your files and folders.
  • Application improvements:
    • Software: The Software app has more and better data than ever before, and makes it easy for you to find a wide variety of useful free software.
    • Files: The updated layout in Files gives a better view of your files and folders, and a new view popover makes it easy to change the zoom level and sort order from a single place.
    • Image Viewer: The Image Viewer has been redesigned to reduce the amount of window chrome and give more space to images.

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