KDE Ships KDE Applications 15.04.0

KDE team recently released KDE Applications 15.04. With this release a total of 72 applications have been ported to KDE Frameworks 5. With this release there are several new additions to the KDE Frameworks 5-based applications list, including KHangMan, Rocs, Cantor, Kompare, Kdenlive, KDE Telepathy and some KDE Games.

  • Kdenlive is one of the best non-linear video editing software available. It recently finished its incubation process to become an official KDE project and was ported to KDE Frameworks 5. The team behind this masterpiece decided that Kdenlive should be released together with KDE Applications. Some new features are the autosaving function of new projects and a fixed clip stabilization.
  • KDE Telepathy is the tool for instant messaging. It was ported to KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt5 and is a new member of the KDE Applications releases. It is mostly complete, except the audio and video call user interface is still missing.
  • Where possible KDE uses existing technology as has been done with the new KAccounts which is also used in SailfishOS and Canonical’s Unity. Within KDE Applications, it’s currently used only by KDE Telepathy. But in the future, it will see wider usage by applications such as Kontact and Akonadi.
  • In the KDE Education module, Cantor got some new features around its Python support: a new Python 3 backend and new Get Hot New Stuff categories. Rocs has been turned upside down: the graph theory core has been rewritten, data structure separation removed and a more general graph document as central graph entity has been introduced as well as a major revisit of the scripting API for graph algorithms which now provides only one unified API. KHangMan was ported to QtQuick and given a fresh coat of paint in the process. And Kanagram received a new 2-player mode and the letters are now clickable buttons and can be typed like before.
  • Besides the usual bug fixes Umbrello got some usability and stability improvements this time. Furthermore the Find function can now be limited by category: class, interface, package, operations, or attributes.

You can find the full list of changes here.

Download Complete Source code

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