LibreOffice 4.4.2 released with new features

The Document Foundation announced the release of LibreOffice 4.4.2, the second bugfix release from the 4.4 branch of LibreOffice which contains new features and program enhancements. As such, the version is stable and is suitable for all users.


Some key performance enhancement in this release includes:

  • Writer
    • The “Accept Change” and “Reject Change” commands now automatically jump to the next change
    • Inclusion of new buttons in the Track Changes toolbar, along with a new set of icons
    • Writer shapes can now have a Textbox, meaning that it’s possible to have complex Writer content and full drawinglayer geometry for a shape at the same time
    • The “Standard” and “Formatting” toolbars were reorganized by removing uncommonly used commands and replacing them with frequent features
  • Calc
    • A new feature was added to convert formula cells into static values (via the menu Tools ▸ Cell Contents ▸ Formula to Value)
    • Added AGGREGATE spreadsheet function for Excel interoperability
    • The right-click context menu that appear for managing sheets now has icons for sheet operations
  • Impress and Draw
    • In Slide Master view, the text of the presentation object previews is now read-only
    • Toggling bullets on and off in slide master view in the outline preview via “Bullets On/Off” now truly toggles on/off the bullets of the Outline styles
    • OpenGL transitions Implemented and enabled for Windows
    • Improved implementation based on new OpenGL framework in vcl for Linux, Windows and OS X
  • Math
  • General notes on features and enhancements are contained in this release. For a detailed list, please check complete release notes

Install LibreOffice 4.4.2 on Ubuntu OS

sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install libreoffice
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