DB Browser for SQLite 3.5.0 released with support for encrypted databases

SQLite 3.5.0 Database Browser recently released, is a visual tool used to create, design and edit database files compatible with SQLite. One of the major improvements in this release, is support for encrypted databases (for MacOS X and Linux only, not Windows yet). This is done using the SQLCipher encryption library.

sqlite database browser

SQLite Database Browser 3.5.0 update


  • I18N – Simplified Chinese language support
  • Add tooltip for all table items
  • Remember CSV export options
  • Distinguish Save and Save As when saving SQL files in the Execute SQL tab
  • Add support for compiling on OS/2
  • Add two buttons to navigate to the head and the tail
  • Compatibility with shadow build
  • Support Indices without sorting –
  • FreeBSD Port

Enhancements with progress, though more still needs to be done

  • Open Encrypted Database
  • Add full support for tables without rowid
  • NULL field values are not highlighted
  • Ability to change language

Bug fixes

  • Foreign Key in Edit Create Table
  • CSV export bug – Fields aren’t automatically quoted when separator character is present in the data
  • [feature request]”Execute SQL”: clear output if query returns nothing
  • Export to SQL INT Datatype Expression
  • Crash when opening db without rowid and composite primary key
  • Database Structure view: wrong parsing of CHECK constraints
  • tests: fix QCoreApplication parameters

Other notes

  • The Windows release uses SQLite v3.8.8.2
  • The MacOS X release has two potential downloads
    • One download uses “standard” SQLite (v3.8.8.1)
    • The other download uses SQLCipher (v3.2.0) to give encryption support for your SQLite databases

Install SQLite Database Browser 3.5.0 on Ubuntu OS

Note: Not all Linux OS had been tested, so please comment if you are successful with any OS version

sudo apt-get install build-essential qt4-qmake cmake libsqlite3-dev libqt4-dev libqt4-core libqt4-qt3support

wget https://github.com/sqlitebrowser/sqlitebrowser/archive/v3.5.0.tar.gz

tar -xvf sqlitebrowser-3.5.0.tar.gz

cd sqlitebrowser-sqlb-3.5.0/



cd sqlitebrowser-sqlb-3.5.0/src

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