Skrooge 1.11 personal finance management tool released

Skrooge 1.11 recently released, is a free management tool that allows you to manage your personal finances, and its powered by KDE 4.x. Thanks to its many features, it is one of the most powerful way to enter, follow, and analyze your expenses. Skrooge can run on many platforms, including of course linux, BSD, Solaris, but also on Mac OS, and possibly on Windows.

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Skrooge 1.11 chnagelog

  • Correction bug 341020: End of text in lineedit hides under the “clear” icon button
  • Correction bug 341450: Empty skg_bill.csv is created every time I launch Skrooge
  • Correction bug 341463: Monthly reports include transfers between accounts and shows as income/expenses
  • Correction bug 342737: Multiple date modifications on scheduled operations
  • Correction bug 343730: Resize/hide internal filter panel in report
  • Correction bug 335945: Support making split operations from standard operations by search and process
  • Correction bug 344250: Bank ING-DIRECT in France has changed its bank number
  • Correction bug 345580: Share without tax should not be split
  • Correction bug 345654: Btn Add grayed after entering values information
  • Correction bug 345661: Selecting multiple operations: amount is not —–
  • Correction bug 345719: Enhance fast search/filter on lists
  • Correction bug 345826: Bas edit fields on list sub-operation after search
  • Correction bug 345416: Crash when searching on ‘type’ field
  • Correction: “Search” and “Report” do not work on properties of suboperations
  • Correction: Bad tooltips in “Report” for expand and collapse
  • Correction: Support invalid OFX file having debit with positive amount
  • Correction: Timeline does not work in some cases
  • Correction: More flexibility during import of ofx file not having id on transactions
  • Correction: Anonymized file is renamed to avoid accidental overwrite of the current file
  • Correction: weboob backend compliant with version 1.0
  • Correction: Avoid crash and generate an error when the sqlite version of the system is not aligned with the sqlite version embedded in QT
  • Correction: Open suboperation from multi selected operations
  • Correction: Avoid deletion of previous file and backup during save in case of file system full
  • Correction: When a folder of bookmark a tab doesn’t have the right icon
  • Correction: Stable sort when sorting by date to avoid ununderstandable balance
  • Correction: In table, when rows are groupes, the row representing the group spans all columns
  • Correction: Avoid crash in Add properties on suboperations
  • New feature 343766: Better custom report configuration
  • New feature: New dock to be able to see all messages displayed
  • New feature: Alarm messages can be have parameters for the total amount (%1), alarm amount (%2) and difference (%3)
  • New feature: Show sum of spendings in tables when operations are grouped
  • New feature: New advice detecting scheduled operations having date not aligned with the last inserted operation
  • New feature: The target directory of the backuped file can be force
  • New feature: Now some advices are recommended
  • New feature: In settings, you can define default comments, payees and categories for fake, commission and tax operations
  • New feature: New button on advices widget to apply all recommended advices
  • New feature: Display average, min and max on groups in tables
  • New feature: WORD function is now able to extract word from the right by using negative parameters
  • New feature: Addition of “Creation date” on operations

Install Skrooge 1.11 on Ubuntu OS

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:s-mankowski/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install skrooge
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