0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos released

Wildfire Games, an international group of volunteer game developers, has announced the release of “0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos“, the eighteenth alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source game of ancient warfare. This alpha features improved performance, an in-game technology tree, a new map type (“Nomad”) and more.

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0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos changelog

Top New Gameplay Features in This Release

  • Nomad Game Mode: Players start with only some citizen soldiers and female citizens, and no civil center, and must build a base from scratch.
  • In-Game Technology Tree: Allows players to see which faction can research what technologies, when and for how many resources.
  • The default AI, Petra, now supports saved games.
  • Toggle groups of units between marching in formation and breaking formation.
  • New Seleucid buildings: The new buildings are the house, storehouse, farmstead, towers and temple. The Civic Center is a placeholder for now and will be updated before the Seleucids are finished.

Improvements to the Atlas Editor

  • Right-Click Rotations of Multiple Objects: Normal behavior: Rotate objects in circle, Ctrl+Right-click: Rotate each of the objects individually in place, Shift+Right-click: Keep rotation but move in circle.
  • Atlas now checks for unsaved changes when closing a map.
  • Atlas now shows when objects are placed in invalid locations by highlighting them in red.
  • Show template names of selected objects.
  • Copy and paste added to Edit menu.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Performance Improvements and Other Changes Under the Hood

  • SpiderMonkey upgraded to ​v31
  • C++11 upgrade
  • More Efficient Fogging and Visibility Calculations
  • New Wildfire Games Server

See release note for full details

Install 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos on Ubuntu OS

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install 0ad

Remove 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos

sudo apt-get remove 0ad
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