Early release: Sailfish OS update Yliaavanlampi

Sailfish OS software update have just been recently made available for download. This is the first update made available as an early release to more advanced users who have opted in to be among the first to try it. Sailfish operating system is built like a classic Linux distribution. The core of the OS is based on the Mer Project, an open, mobile-optimised, core distribution.

sailfish 01

Sailfish OS also includes the capability to run Android applications. It is based on Android libraries, ensuring performance comparable to the native environment. With Sailfish using Qt5 and Wayland technology, existing hardware adaptations made for Android can be leveraged, significantly easing the hardware adaptation work required to support the OS.

What’s new in this update?

  • A renewed web browser user interface. New toolbar for browsing, improved tab view, and search-on-page functionality. Read more here.
  • New SailfishOS Weather application from Foreca available in the Jolla Store. Weather information is now integrated to the Events View. Read more here.
  • Possibility to customize the main colors of your favorite ambiences. Read more here.
  • Auto detection of email authentication capabilities added for generic email accounts.

A new notification has been added if your disk space is getting insufficient (below 500MB) when going for a software update. Remember that you can always use the memory card to store data on your phone.

For more details about this software update, please go here.

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