Monkey HTTP Server v1.5.6 released

Monkey HTTP Server v1.5.6 recently released, is a lightweight and powerful web server and development stack for GNU/Linux. It has been designed to be very scalable with low memory and CPU consumption, the perfect solution for embedded devices. Made for ARM, x86 and x64.

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Monkey HTTP Server v1.5.6 changelog

  • Scheduler: fix wrong handling of incoming queue data.
  • String: performance improvement converting uint64_t to string (4x).
  • Kernel: disable TCP_AUTOCORKING feature. Not optimal for our context.
  • SSL: as PolarSSL was rebranded as mbedTLS, align those changes on our code, documentation and packages.
  • HTTP: improve TCP_CORK feature usage and remove counter.
  • Virtual Host: fix FDT handling flags.
  • CGI: define new length for environment variables.
  • CGI: lookup and set Cookie HTTP Header.
  • Auth: if no global config exists, just skip stage 30.
  • Configure: options to set mbedTLS specifics.

For full details of the changes made, please check the ChangeLog

Install Monkey HTTP Server v1.5.6 on Ubuntu OS


tar zxfv monkey-1.5.6.tar.gz

cd monkey-1.5.6




Now point your browser to

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