Chrome OS Graphics Stack replaced with Freon

Early this month, Google announced the release of it’s latest stable Chrome OS 41.0.2272.76. This release comes with a notable change which is the replacement of Chrome OS default graphics stack X11 with Freon on some devices. According to the announcement, Google has decided to develop their own graphics stack “Freon” to improve the performance of graphics on devices.


Freon is designed to provide better performance, lower power consumption and binary file size.Technically speaking, Freon is not a display server. Under Freon drive module, Chrome browser directly KMS API to communicate with the kernel DRM / 3D graphics capabilities also through direct communication with the OpenGL ES. Freon is currently no support for all Chrome OS devices, supported models include Chromebook Pixel, Acer C720, ASUS Chromebox, HP Chromebox and so on.

Some highlights of these changes are:

  • Improved Wi-Fi stability on some Chromebooks
  • Guest mode wallpaper has been updated to Material Design
  • Remote Assistance to Chrome OS devices available via Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Some devices have been updated to the new freon graphics stack, which will provide performance improvements down the line
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