Bomi 0.9.3 Multimedia Player released

Bomi 0.9.3 recently released, is a multimedia player formerly known as CMPlayer, which is aimed for easy usage but also provides various powerful features and convenience functions. Bomi comes with an intuitive, user friendly interface, with unlimited playback history, and restoration. It also has support for hardware accelerated GPU decoding, dvd playback and image slide show. Bomi is based on mpv for Linux.


Bomi 0.9.3 update

  • New: display used encoding for subtitle file track in playinfo
  • New: ‘–dump-api-tree’ and ‘–dump-action-list’ command line options
  • New: JSON-RPC interface
  • New: current deinterlacing method in playinfo
  • New: options to set general font and fixed-width font
  • New: ‘Window > Remove Frame’ for frameless(borderless) window
  • New: ‘Subtitle > Subtitle Sync > Bring Previous/Next Subtitle’ menu
  • New: allow to map actions for left/right button click
  • New: ask username and password on permission denied for smb://
  • New: ‘Subtitle > Subtitle Scale’ menu to adjust font scale during playback
  • New: ‘Subtitle > Override ASS Style’ menu
  • New: options to specify authentication info for samba
  • New: configurable step for ‘move screen position’
  • New: ‘Video > Zoom’ menu
  • New: color adjustment for RGB channel
  • New: video color editor dialog
  • New: new skin ‘air’
  • New: ‘Est. Frame Number’ item in playback information
  • New: aspect ratio is adjustable now
  • New: enable smbclient support(smb:// protocol)
  • New: caption filter in subtitle viewer
  • New: checkbox to display time in milliseconds
  • New: language filter list for subtitle find dialog
  • New: reconstruct encoding list
  • New: reload file with specific encoding
  • New: seek by double clicking caption in subtitle viewer
  • New: accept non-media type URL by drag-and-drop
  • and lots of bugfixes

Install Bomi 0.9.3 on Ubuntu OS

<pre>sudo apt-get remove cmplayer

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:darklin20/bomi

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install bomi

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