Tiny Core Linux 6.1 released

Tiny Core Linux 6.1 recently released, is a minimal Linux operating system focusing on providing a base system using BusyBox and FLTK, developed by Robert Shingledecker. The distribution is notable for its size (15 MB) and minimalism, with additional functionality provided by extensions. Tiny Core Linux is free and open source software.


Tiny Core Linux 6.1 changelog

  • tce-load: remove extraneous ls check
  • tc-functions: getbasefile speedup
  • tce-audit, tce-load: ignore spaces in dep files
  • busybox-1.23.1 patched for modinfo, modprobe, wget and dc
  • busybox updated to 1.23.1
  • tce-load: apply awk patch
  • settime.sh: fix systems with default year not 1970
  • tce-load: remove unused depi variable
  • search.sh: awk patch
  • search.sh: move common part to a function
  • tce-audit: awk patch
  • apps: quote the search argument
  • apps: reload the list on an empty search
  • apps: set a minimum size to the window
  • apps: nicer resize behaviour

and several elements of Xorg-7.7 were also updated between tc-6.0 and tc-6.1 so users should use the apps gui to check for updates and check for changed deps after upgrading.

Download Tiny Core Linux 6.1


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