MongoDB 3.0 released

MongoDB 3.0 recently released, is an open-source, document-oriented database designed for ease of development and scaling. Think of MySQL but with JSON-like objects comprising the data model, rather than RDBMS tables. Significantly, MongoDB supports neither joins nor transactions.


The key features in this latest release include support for the WiredTiger storage engine, pluggable storage engine API, SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism, and improved explain functionality. MongoDB Ops Manager, which includes Automation, Backup, and Monitoring, is now also available.

MongoDB 3.0 Major Changes

  • Introduces a pluggable storage engine API that allows third parties to develop storage engines for MongoDB
  • Introduces support for the WiredTiger storage engine. With the support for WiredTiger, MongoDB now supports two storage engines:
    • MMAPv1, the storage engine available in previous versions of MongoDB and the default storage engine for MongoDB 3.0, and
    • WiredTiger, available only in the 64-bit versions of MongoDB 3.0.
  • Includes the following security enhancements:
    • Adds a new SCRAM-SHA-1 challenge-response user authentication mechanism.
    • Increases restrictions when using the Localhost Exception to access MongoDB. For details, see Localhost Exception Changed.
  • MongoDB 3.0 includes a new query introspection system that provides an improved output format and a finer-grained introspection into both query plan and query execution
  • Check out full release details for more information

Install MongoDB on Linux

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