Google Chrome 41.0.2272.76 stable released

The Chrome team have released a stable version of Google Chrome 41.0.2272.76 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Chrome 41.0.2272.76 contains a number of fixes and improvements, including – A number of new apps/extension APIs; Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance.


Google Chrome 41.0.2272.76 updates

  • Prevent login as new user on disabled devices
  • [net] Subtract timestamps to determine if uploading file changed.
  • VP8Parser: Fix calculation of DCT partition sizes.
  • Autofill: Disable autofill for fields outside of forms.
  • Merge: Update Flash plugin metadata version to latest versions.
  • Fix: Don’t access MessagePortService in the UI thread.
  • Fix a bug that a user cannot change default app in Download.
  • Ensure availab
  • Prevent other screens from clobbering the device disabled screen
  • Merge: Block nested system print dialogs on Windows.
  • Do not announce robot account token before account ID is available
  • Work around bug in to fix EnableWebBasedSignin policy.
    Seeing crashes likely from negative touch indexes, check for them
  • A list of changes is available in the log.

Install Google Chrome 41.0.2272.76 stable on Ubuntu OS

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list'

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable
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