Brackets 1.2 Open Source Code Editor released

Brackets 1.2 has just been released and this release has a bunch of really fantastic features that users have been asking for for a while. A notable new feature in the UI is the Split View – The editor pane that is inactive is no longer dimmed. To restore the dimming behavior, install the Zen Pane extension.


Brackets 1.2 changelog:

  • Code Editing
    • Drag & drop to move selected text: Enable the dragDropText preference to drag and drop any selected text. Works with multiple selections too
    • CSS color name code hints: Code hints for standard named colors in CSS/LESS/SCSS, with color swatch preview
    • SVG code hints: For tags, attributes, and attribute values – also including named colors
    • Dart syntax highlighting
  • Search
    • Find/Replace scrollbar tickmarks highlight current match
  • UI Appearance
    • Windows High DPI support: Brackets automatically renders text, icons, and images more crisply on high-DPI displays (similar to the appearance on Mac Retina screens).
  • Key Bindings
    • Use additional named keys in custom key bindings: PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, Insert, Delete. Can be used by extensions or in user custom key bindings.
  • Stability
    • Windows: Improved window positioning: Brackets stays positioned onscreen after a monitor is unplugged or screen resolution is changed.
  • Linux
    • Remember last-opened file in File > Open dialog box: Now matches existing Mac & Windows behavior

see full changelog for more

Install Brackets 1.2 on Ubuntu OS

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/brackets

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install brackets
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