[GAME]Circle Pong Challenge

Introducing the latest entertaining game on the Android platform – Circle Pong Challenge for your Android operating system devices. All you need to do is keep the ball bouncing in the circle

** Game Play **
✔ Keep the ball inside the circle by simply tapping the left and right controls.
✔ Keeping the ball inside the circle earns you points
✔ Earn more points and top the leaders board list
✔ View information on how many times the game has been played or your scores from achievements section

** What make this game unique **

✔ Keeps your mind fresh when bored
✔ Game comes with regular updates
✔ Simple and easy to play
✔ Makes you even sharper
✔ Help you control your thoughts
✔ Runs on all Android devices
✔ Unique and colorful HD graphics
✔ Very addictive and can keep you all day



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