libGDX 1.5.4 released

Mario an Android developer and owner of Badlogic Games is a small spare-time game development shop based in Graz, Austria has just announced the release of libGDX 1.5.4. This release brings improvements to our gdx-freetype extensions, new features in our tile map API, and upgrades to the latest RoboVM stable release.


libGDX 1.5.4 Changelog

  • Added support for image layers in Tiled maps (TiledMapImageLayer)
  • Added support for loading texture objects from TMX Maps (TextureMapObject)
  • Added support for border and shadow with FreeTypeFontGenerator – see
  • Now unknown markup colors are silently ignored and considered as normal text.
  • Updated freetype from version 2.4.10 to 2.5.5
  • Added 3rd party extensions to setup application, see
  • Updated to RoboVM 1.0.0-beta-04
  • Updated to GWT 2.6.1, sadly GWT 2.7.0 isn’t production ready yet.
  • Download libGDX 1.5.4

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