Korora 21 Darla Linux OS released

The Korora team has announced the final release of Korora 21 codenamed Darla. Korora is a Fedora Remix, meaning it ships packages from the default Fedora repositories but also a number of other packages (often ones that Fedora cannot ship directly).


Korora 21 Features

  • Cinnamon 2.4 – This new release of Cinnamon targets a smoother experience, improved settings and updates to the file manager, nemo. Refer to the Cinnamon Release Announcement for more details.
  • GNOME 3.14 brings revised weather, captive portal handling and its updated package management tool, called Software. Photos now supports many more online accounts and Media server accounts provide access to home media servers via DLNA. GNOME 3.14 also has improved support for the Wayland compositor
  • KDE Software Compilation 4.14.3 – A modern, stable desktop environment, KDE 4.14 sees a large number of improvements but fewer new features as development focus shifts to the new KDE Frameworks 5 (expected to be the default in Korora 22
  • Check announcement for more details

Download Korora 21

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