[GAME] Target The Dot released – My First Game

Experience the brand new Target The Dot game. This is an addictive and fun game you do not want to miss this year 2015. The game design is unique and appealing. The objective of the game is easy to discover as soon as you start playing.

Target The Dot – game play is to hit the rotating circle target area colored black by launching the trigger (arrow like triangle). To take it further, hit the spinning red dot to double your lead. As you hit the target areas, the speed of the spinning circle increases hence making it even harder.

  • Game is FREE to play for life
  • Release the trigger at the right moment
  • Focus on the speed of the trigger and determine when to release it so it hits the intended target
  • Increase your score and share with friends online
  • Be the first to top the leaderboard and see who amongst your friends can beat your score
  • Avoid the white areas else you loose the game
  • Beautiful graphics to make the game look cool
  • Great sound effects to accompany the game

The next release will be super stunning with challenging modes and fun.

LIKE US: www.facebook.com/targetthedot
VISIT US: www.2dgamearena.com

This is my first ever game (not cloned), would love to have honest feed back to enable me provide much better gaming experience. Have fun! 🙂



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