Percona XtraBackup 2.2.8 released

Percona has just announced the release of Percona XtraBackup 2.2.8. Percona XtraBackup enables MySQL backups without blocking user queries, making it ideal for companies with large data sets and mission-critical applications that cannot tolerate long periods of downtime. Offered free as an open source solution, Percona XtraBackup drives down backup costs while providing unique features for MySQL backups.


New Features:

  • Percona XtraBackup has been rebased on MySQL 5.6.22.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Incremental backups would fail if the number of undo tablespaces (innodb_undo_tablespaces) was more than 1. This was caused by innobackupex removing the undo tablespaces during the prepare phase
  • Fixed multiple memory leaks detected by AddressSanitizer
  • innobackupex could fail when preparing backup that was taken from Percona Server 5.5 with log files (innodb_log_file_size) bigger than 4G. The root cause was that the last checkpoint LSN offset in log group is stored at different offsets in ibdata1 for Percona Server 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 when the total size of log files is greater than 4G
  • Percona XtraBackup out-of-source builds failed. Bug fixed

Downloads are available from our download site or Percona Software Repositories

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