Android Studio 1.1 Preview 1 Released

Android Studio 1.1 Preview 1 had just been released to the canary and dev channels. This release for version 1.1 is focused on bug fixes.  Version 1.2 is currently been worked on in parallel where the platform will be migrating to the IntelliJ 14 codebase, among other feature work.
However, in addition to the bug fixes there are some notable improvements:
  • New projects now create launcher icons as @mipmap resources instead of @drawable
  • The various “cleanup” detectors for lint (e.g. checking that FragmentTransactions are committed, and that TypedArrays are recycled, and so on), now run incrementally within the IDE
  • There are a couple of new lint checks
    • A lint check which tries to identify string resources that should probably be using plurals instead
    • A lint check which warns you that @android:string/yes returns OK, not Yes
  • There is a new template for creating watch faces for Android Wear:

Including numerous bug fixes. See release notes for details

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