Redshift 1.10 released

Redshift 1.10 has just been released and this release includes a new GeoClue2 location provider, also features experimental support for OSX, including Hooks – a long-requested feature to allow custom actions on events from Redshift. This feature was previously waiting for DBus support to be finished.


Redshift 1.10 release note:

  • Fix #80: Add Geoclue2 location provider.
  • Add CoreLocation (OSX) location provider and Quartz (OSX) gamma adjustment method.
  • Add hooks for user actions on period switch.
  • Be less verbose when color values/period did not change.
  • Add config setting to set gamma separately for day/night.
  • Add support for custom transition start and end elevation (Mattias Andrée).
  • redshift-gtk: Show errors from child process in a dialog.
  • Fix #95: Add AppData file for package managers.
  • Use gettimeofday if POSIX timers not available (add support for OSX).
  • Fix #41: Do not jump to 0 % or 100 % when changing direction of transition (Mattias Andrée).
  • redshift-gtk: Relay USR1 signal to redshift process.
  • redshift-gtk: Notify desktop about startup completion.
  • Fix: systemd unit files were built from the wrong source.
  • Fix #90: Print N/S and E/W in the location (Mattias Andrée).
  • Fix #112: redshift-gtk: Do not buffer lines from child indefinitely.
  • Fix #105: Limit decimals in displayed location to two.
  • Update dependencies listed in (emilf, Kees Hink).
  • Fix: Make desktop file translatable.
  • Add Travis CI build script.

Install Redshift 1.10 on Ubuntu


tar -xvf redshift-1.10.tar.xz

cd redshift-1.10/



sudo make install
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