GTK+ 3.14.7 released

GTK+ 3.14.7 (GIMP Toolkit) recently releases, is a cross-platform graphical toolkit variety, according to the LGPL license issued. Although originally written for GIMP, GTK + is now widespread and has become one of the mainstream Linux development tools to develop graphical applications, of course, is not required to be in GTK + on Linux, in fact, the current GTK + has been successfully windows version. You can use your familiar language with GTK, because GTK + has been bound to almost all popular languages ​​such as: C ++, Guile, Perl, Python, TOM, Ada95, Objective C, Free Pascal, and Eiffel.


GTK+ 3.14.7 Bug Fixes:

  • libgtk crashed in gtk_notebook_button_release
  • gtk_recent_manager_init fails to check settings==NULL
  • GtkApplication: fix global menubar on Mac OS
  • gtk_recent_manager_set_filename: assertion failed: (priv->fil…
  • Bookmarks in sidebar sometimes randomly change their order
  • Entry completion with multiple cells can size wrong on first …
  • Leaking menus when attaching to a button
  • Right margin not respected with RTL text in non-wrapping mode…
  • Typo in testsuite/reftests/ causes build failure o…
  • documentation fix
  • GtkLabel eats thumb-button clicks
  • cut/copy/paste binding entries are registered 2x
  • On cellrenderertext, notify for “size” and “size-points” prop…
  • Hide scrollbar in GtkFileChooser if appropriate
  • Left padding on File Chooser List
  • gtkfilechooserwidget: When using an extra widget, show or hid…
  • Portabilitiy issues with GTK-Inspector 32-bit and non-gnome3 …
  • GtkFileChooser: Don’t crash if invisible files are deleted
  • Translation updates: British English & Kannada

Download GTK+ 3.14.7

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