Debian wheezy 7.8 released

The Debian project team has just announced the release of Debian wheezy 7.8 – its eighth update of its stable distribution Debian 7 (codename wheezy). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories were already published separately and are referenced where available.


Debian wheezy 7.8 updates

  • Fix handling of chunk trailers to avoid bypass of intended mod_headers restrictions
  • fix hostname comparison with SNI to be case insensitive
  • Retry without partial data after a 416 response
  • Update debian_version for the point release
  • Fix upgrades from the old “mybashburn” package in Squeeze
  • New upstream version; fix endless loop on special crafted quantum compressed cab files
  • Add archive signing keys for Jessie
  • Rebuild for the point release
  • Rebuild for the point release
  • Install base-passwd and base-files in two calls rather than one, to ensure correct ordering
  • Fix denial of service [CVE-2014-6060]
  • Add versioned Breaks/Replaces on digikam-doc, to fix upgrades from Squeeze
  • Enable all SSL/TLS versions supported by NSS
  • Increase version compatibility with icedove
  • Disable introductory video to avoid hanging at startup
  • and many more

To update to latest release:

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade -y

Download Debian Wheezy 7.8

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