KKEdit 0.2.6 released

KKEdit 0.2.6┬árecently released, is a deceptively simple Linux Gtk2 text editor with syntax colouring designed specifically for coders. It has a function menu which allows you to jump instantly to a function definition, a navigation menu which will look in all open files for a function definition and then switch to that tab and go to the relevant line if it can’t find a definition in any open files it will do a recursive search from the folder of the currently selected document.


KKEdit 0.2.6 update

  • Removed redundant ‘Restore Session With Bookmarks’ bookmarks are now reloaded by default.
  • All tabs updated at once when restoring session.
  • Jumping to bookmark now also places cursor at bookmark.
  • Plugins can now use restore session routine.
  • Fixed minor dnd bug.
  • Added barber pole to restore session.
  • Fixed numerous minor widget sensitivity bugs.
  • Plugin folder changed is now ~/.KKEdit/plugins-gtk.
  • Fixed minor memory leak.
  • Made switchPage callback visible to plugins.
  • Stoped horizontal scrollbar flashing up when wrap lines is active.
  • Removed some small error messages from startup
  • full changelog

Install KKEdit 0.2.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 & Ubuntu 14.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install kkedit
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