Brackets 1.0 and Extract for Brackets (Preview) released

Brackets 1.0 and Extract for Brackets (Preview) had just been recently released. As posted on brackets blog – This is a big milestone for the Brackets project. Right now you can grab version 1.0 of Brackets, as well as a preview of Extract for Brackets, an extension that Adobe has been working onExtract for Brackets (Preview) speeds up the process of pulling design information like colors, fonts, and measurement info out of a PSD and turning it into clean, minimal CSS.


This release comes with a number of new features, enhancements, lost of fixes and this includes, added multiple cursors, split view, theme support. This release includes support for custom key bindings so you can change the shortcut key combinations that Brackets uses. This release also includes the ability to collapse Quick Edit results so you can hide results from files that you don’t want to edit,like the generated CSS files when you¹re working with LESS or SCSS files.

In addition to Brackets 1.0, a preview of Extract for Brackets was also released. Extract for Brackets is a Creative Cloud service that lets you view and get information and assets out of a PSD right from your text. Full release details can be found here.

Install Brackets 1.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 & Ubuntu 14.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/brackets

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install brackets
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