CentOS 6.6 released

Johnny Hughes recently announced the release of CentOS 6.6 following earlier release of RHEL / CentOS 7. According to Johnny Hughes – CentOS-6.6 is based on source code released by Red Hat, Inc. for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. All upstream variants have been placed into one combined repository to make it easier for end users. Workstation, server, and minimal installs can all be done from our combined repository. See the release announcement.


CentOS 6.6 main changes

  • Enhanced SCSI unit attention handling to enable responding to certain unit commands.
  • The OpenvSwitch module is now available as a kernel module.
  • New HyperV daemons have been added to enable/improve running CentOS in Microsoft HyperV hosts.
  • As a technology preview 6.6 can be run as a 2nd generation VM on Microsoft’s 2012R2 HyperV.
  • keepalived and haproxy are now fully supported.
  • Support added for the Intel Wildcat platform.
  • OpenJDK 8 has been added as technology preview
  • See release notes for further details

Download CentOS 6.6


You can also use a mirror close to you to get any of our ISOs:

If you need to update a local mirror, you can choose from our mirror network:

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